Sunday, July 12, 2009

oh so hot, it's summer

We are in the middle of July and the heat of the sun is very hot , burning and the humidity is high. You couldn't even get your hair straight. I have a curly hair and I hate it curls all the time. So what I did, every friday if i'm not going to the hairdresser to have it straightened I do it by myself but because the humidity is high my hair comes back what it was.

Here are hair tips that we could apply:

Learn to survive through your hair problems with our simple hair care tips. Keeping things simple and learning the basics will give you a head start when it comes to dealing with troubled hair. Weather conditions can have severe impact on your hair.

The rising temperature is not a good news for your tresses. Heat can sap your hair of its natural oils and dehydrate your mane. The harsh sun rays can penetrate deep inside your hair shaft and damage your delicate tresses. Here, are some tips to sail through this hot humid weather.

1) Make the most of your natural hair texture and go natural. Skip the regular styling regime, instead, let yourself loose. Though you will be lured into straightening your hair with flat irons, we suggest you go all natural. Use the bad weather excuse to ditch the heated appliances.

2) Invest in a sun umbrella, buy the dome shaped one since it won’t blow inside out in the breeze. Avoid wearing scarves because they can flatten your hair. Once the root is flattened, it will be difficult to bring back the volume. You might again need your hairdryer.

3) Always use an anti-frizz styling product on damp hair. keep a hair serum handy when you are out in the sun. You never know, when it may come handy.

4) Dry hair will frizz out more easily, so invest some time and money in deep conditioning treatments.

5) Try the latest in hairstyling, the Permanent Blow Dry. Yes, this miracle treatment lasts for around 4 months and is the most gentle of all the straightening methods. Infact, it infuses proteins in your hair and protects it from the weather conditions. You can get rid of everyday styling, this is a boon for working women. If you are the one, who is always on the go then permanent blow dry is the answer for all your bad hair days. You will no more have to deal with unruly and difficult to manage hair.

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