HongKong Theatre Group

My sister is a member of HongKong Theater Group. This was taken last June 12, 2010. They portrayed images of abused OFW all over the world. The tittle of the program was "Cries of Migrant" Video is not allowable for public viewing for government purposes.
 (The first girl in yellow suits, from left to right)
Whatever hatred saves the number.



Manang Kim said…
This is a great cause, so people knew and the family back home that those who work abroad are not just having a vacation but working their butt and even abuse!! Love their costumes too so colorful! Happy Monday!

Mellow Yellow Monday
chubskulit said…
Awww great shot sis.
Hotcakes said…
what a touching tribute.. i've seen that alot in the news about abused OFW in ... kuwait? somewhere in the middle east. I cant believe we still send filipinos there
Marice said…
how nice! plus that sounds interesting huh :)
Ang galing naman nang kapatid mo na nakararating sa iba't ibang bansa sa pagsasayaw. Very talented talaga kayo sa inyong pamilya. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.
eileeninmd said…
Awesome photo of the group of performers. Happy MYM!
Vernz said…
wow galing naman ni sister ... suportahan... hehehe.. agi ko..
JETTRO said…
hi dumalaw lang invite sana kitang bumoto kung ok lang charm.

punta ka dito...

then click mo... CLICK HERE TO VOTE
thanks in advance charm tc/gb
Nice post, thanks. I love Hongkong, it has many great attractions every year and especially Great Wall of China.

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