Feeling Restless and Stressful

Life is full of ups and down and I'm thankful that despite of life experiences I've been through I'm still here to see this beautiful world. I always look life in a positive way, weather it is too hard to achieve, but feeling confident I know that in every problems there is a solution. God will not give me any trials if I could not make it.

As a human being, I  truly said that sometimes I also lost my confidence. If I  feel this way all the negative thoughts control my life. Just lately, I feel so restless and psychologically stressful. My mind, my heart are so disturb. Full of apprehension that made me feel sick all the time. Sometimes I have irregular heartbeat that made me a little bit afraid. That was why I stop blogging for a while because I cannot concentrate what to write. I diagnosed myself because I don't want to see a doctor and give me some medication which I don't like to take. Although I'm a bit scared, however , I try to be normal and updating chikas at facebook... ^_^

I appreciate your visit here guys and I'll catch up on you whenever possible.  I will be busy also for the following weeks because I have to train my replacement here at work. I'm away for a short holiday as well before going home. I'll be in the Philippines in two weeks time. See yeah, blogger friends in Davao City.!


You must be under some pernicious attack by the enemy. You have to learn spiritual warfare to counteract that. You may seek a knowledgeable Christian to instruct you on this since it is too long and complicated for me to explain it in a comment. One thing sure, I will be praying for you my friend so that the blessing and protection of God shall see you through. I'm so glad that you will be coming home soon. Godspeed and God bless you always.
jamieatasu said…
I can really relate to you. Life can be full of disappointments but it's great that we have God to give our worries to. God Bless!
anne said…
Welcome Home puhon girl anyway, life is really full of challenges ako nga ngaun medyo depressed at confused pero nd ko na lang inisip bahala na si batman [h[eheheh
Anne said…
hi sis, hope you are fine. Everything happens for a reason. May you find peace whatever it is you are into now.... GOd is always open to hear and embrace his child.

Just be strong , everything will be ok. Makata lagi ko karon...hahaha... tcare sis...
Dhemz said…
oh my....hope all is well with you sis...my gosh....no wonder why lie low ang beauty mo sa ere...that is good...take a little break from the crazy world of blogging...

kuyog ko nimo uli b? hehehehe....au-au sis!
ang cute naman ng blog mo. :-D
I hope you're doing okay... :)

And I hope you're in davao na :D
sa lahat ng pagkakataon dapat magpakatatag lang..have faith in God..
Mario said…
Hi, I was visiting your blog and wanted to say that I respect your strength to share your struggles in life and I appreciate your faith in God. God does promise to never abandon us on journey of life, though sometimes we walk in difficult days. Again, thanks.
sana ayos ka lang lagi..
Joyce Lansky said…
When life's throwing its problems at you, it can be tough to stay positive.

Ronadelle said…
I really hope that by the time you're reading this comment, you're all feeling energized and okay. Just hang on Sis! God is with you.


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