Thursday, July 8, 2010

Most Treasured Possession

After bragging myself -financially on girls talk theme this week. I realize that I was boasting myself a little bit LOL! Anyhow, girls talk theme and my proust questionnaire post has a great contribution for my nostalgia entry this week. I hope, dear readers of my blog, won't get tired or feed up for another sober story, I want to share. (Sana di kayo magsawa, sumubaybay sa buhay ko )Toink, Drama Queen!

From my answer on Proust Questionnaire. What is your most treasured possession?

I should say that my  most treasured possession is my COLLEGE DIPLOMA. Why? and How I get it? Well, financially , that's why girl talk theme came in.LOL. I was born to a parents whose financial status is always a problem. I go over what I thought after I finished elementary , that I don't want to live this life for the rest of my life. When my mother decide not to send me to High School, I asked her if she know someone who could take me to work with so that I can go to High School. You can read the rest of the story from my post < Life as a Breadwinner" .

Financially,  at age 13, I able to worked as "housemaid" hahaha! . Actually, I was incharge for their canned/frozen business. Receiving and making purchases. Handling deliveries so on and so forth. A few to mentions until I got my High School Diploma. And Oh, I still got time signing slumbooks and crushes but I didn't have time to play and for extra curricular activities. Hehehe!

Transferred from one job, one place to another was really difficult. Without somebody to turn too. My parents were in the province and I can only visit them once in a year. Expenses get more and more and I never thought I can enrolled college because  my mind at those times was I need to work. To help my parents out of expenses at home,that since my father was a drunker and a weak person. However, my elder sister though I do not have a good relationship with her was forcing me to take entrance exams to Universities. And was so funny that she want me to enrolled to an expensive College and University. Of course, I refused. Who will pay my tuition fee?Who  will give my allowances? No other one, than me.  I do no apply for SA (School Assistant) kasi di ko inisip na mag aral ako and when I decided it was too late for opportunities for SA. I didn't have so much confidence for myself before. I always pulling back myself that I cannot do it.

So, I did enrolled. Working two jobs at a time. Even three.  Selling beauty products, dry goods and RTW's to my classmates and workmates. I even sell choriso and tucino to private and government offices. And that I can able to help my parents in a little way, send my younger sister to University who is now a teacher, and able to pay my tuition fee. However, on my journey to get my degree. I almost there,then I was out from my job because I was a government contractual employee. Natalo ang mayor ko hahaha! It's a known fact in our beaurocracy who ever sits in the position can help anybody but when they lost, you are out too. That was three months before my graduation, I asked my parents to support me. I know it was very difficult for them but they are the only one I can count on. And also with the help of my yearbook solicitation. I solicited people who only give  money without signature on their solicitation letter. That helped me a lot.

My Most Treasured Possession
Strong faith, determination, perseverance, and believing myself was my great traits on how I manage to reached my goal. I whispered myself the moment I received my  Diploma. LORD, this is the greatest gift, you ever gave me. Without you , who guided me all the way I can never get over all the trials you have given me. Thank you! Though life is an unending journey but have to strive, work for it and be patient. At the end of the day, you can see rainbow and be merry! But don't forget to thank him!

Looking back those memories, Thank God, I can laugh from it. Financially wise - read girls talk - I love Me - Financially. Hahaha! Di ba connected siya.? ^-^

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Verna Luga said...

imung eskwelahan diri asenso na ... picturan nako charm sa domingo.. iblog nako... congrats... hehehe! mine is up at On This Side of Town

Jenn said...

ay naman... wala talagang tatalo sa diploma. :) thanks for dropping by my Nostalgia this week.

Chubskulit Rose said...

Magkakambal tayo dyan sistah.. sa determination, perseverance, and experiences when we were growing up heheheh... KOrek ka dyan, diploma is just a piece of paper but it's very meaningful. When we visited Phils last year, dinala ni hubs yung diplomas ko kahit naka frame na lol..

Karen Chayne said...

sakto jud ka sis! maong gi treasure jus ni nato atong diploma.

Please check out My True to Life Story of Aswang/Manananggal


Lady Patchy said...

hirap naman ngm ga pinagdaanan nyo makatapos lang sa pag aaral .swerte lang kaming can afford pag aralin ng mga magulang sa magandang school at kahit anung kurso.pero nasubukan ko ring magtinda ng kung anu ano while in college at mgtrabaho sa pabrika nung high school tuwing summer.hirap talaga pag di nakapag aral .kaya siguro kami lahat nagsikap dahil dun sa ipinaranas ng father ko sa amin.

anne said...

oist gilr hahahhaa magkita ra gud ta, scholar sad ko tung una sa holy cross pag basa nako ug student assistant kabalo na ko nga holy cross jud ning bayhana hehehehe pero sa akong time working scholar ug special scholar to tung una haist pareha man diay ta ug alma mater oi hehehehe I will add ure blogs in a moment hehehe

EJ said...

Congratulations on your achievement, I have been longing to have a bachelor's degree diploma lol.

My Nostalgia entry is late, but I am hoping that you can still visit, thank you.

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Congrats on your diploma. You worked hard for it.

Azumi's Mom ★ said...

I already your story at dun pa lang, napahanga mo na ako ng husto. You deserve the success you currently have, at im sure mas magiging succesful ka pa... way to go =)

happy weekend and thanks for sharing =)

Dhemz said...

yan ang entry ko last week...ehhehehe....:) bongga man diay ka ug g gradwitan sis....:)

ka kugihan jud kau nimo woi....imagine nag work naka at the age of gosh....WOW! am proud of you talaga....:)

lina@women's perspectives said...

Salute to you...
I admire your strength :)

Thanks for dropping by, Charmie

Mommy Liz said...

Wow, marami ka rin pala pinagdaan before you reached your goal. Ako walang college diploma, kasi can't afford parents ko, at saka maaga akong umalembong, working student din ako non, but yun nga na inlove, so nag hinto. Now, natatamad na ako mag aral, hahaha!

I salute you for your will and determination. Go girl!!

Yami said...

Your determination and effort really paid off, sis. Congrats and good luck. :)

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