Sunday, May 9, 2010

A tribute to my Mother

Celebrating Mothers Day , today. This is my tribute to my mother. The wisdom and lesson that she taught me.

My mother taught me how to be a good housekeeper
- she taught me how to wash clothes, how to wash a dishes, how to cook, how to prepare the table, how to fry a chicken and a fish. She taught me how to pick a good orange. She taught me not to slam the doors or cabinet. She taught how to bake a cake and prick it with a toothpick to see if it was done. She taught me how to clean the houses. She taught me how to be tidy, to fold the laundry, to arrange our bed. She taught me how to grow pineapples, to grow a plants. She taught me how to feed piglets. She taught me for gardening.

My mother taught me how to be frugal - She taught me how to shop at thrift stores. She taught me how to bit a price when we went to the market. She taught  me how to save and recycle things. She taught me how to knit but I am very lazy to do it myself. She taught me that hand made gifts are the best kind to give and she taught me that money can't buy love.

My mother taught me manners - She taught me not to talk when my mouth is full. She taught me how to use the spoon and fork. Which one I have to use first. She taught me not to interrupt others when peoples talk, (young or old) and if I had, she taught me I have to say "Excuse me" She taught  me to be helpful if people needs help. She taught me to hold doors open for other people. She taught me to wait my turn and let others go before me. She taught to be nice, love one another and respect each other.

My mother taught me how to feel - She taught me how to be brave, and strong. She taught me to be responsible  and dependable in every decision I have to make. She taught me to be optimistic, not to lose hope if I failed. She taught me to be realistic and honest.  She taught me how to be determine and perseverance, to be patient. She taught me how to trust with others, to be self-confident. She taught me how forgive and forget. She taught me that "this too shall pass"

My mother taught me how to write - She taught me how to write and to read, to pronounce and to spell the word properly. She taught me to read more to broaden my vocabulary and to enhance my knowledge. She taught me to make a list what to do for the next day.

My mother taught me how to pray - She taught me how to believe in GOD, to be a good child and a follower of Jesus Christ. She taught me to go to the Church every Sunday and explain the meaning of the Holy Eucharist.  She taught me that he word of GOD is my daily bread and my guide along my journey.

Thank you mum for everything what you have done to me.  For forgiving me for all the mistakes I've done. Thank you for never given up on me when I went through the dark period of my life.  Despite of my imperfection, thank you for continue loving me. Thank you for the support. For the confidence and the trust you gave me.

I am so grateful to have you us our Mother. Thank you for the manner that taught me, for protecting me in times of trouble. Thank you for guiding me and helping me to stand again after I fall.

Mum, I maybe far away from you but you are always in my thoughts. Thank you for instilling me the good values and teaching me how to pray and believe that GOD guide me all along.

Thank you for giving me best you can offer.

I love you very much and I miss you too with Tatay. I wish that I could be there to hug you , to kiss you, to cook for you o treat you dinner in a restaurant with Tatay.



Lizeewong said...

Well said. Often times in life, we get carried away and say bad things we don't mean. It's good to remind ourselves the consequences of doing this. Thanks for sharing! Cheers :)

Dhemz said...

very deep and inspiring tribute you have here sweet of yah!

am sure your mom's gonna love this....:)

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