Wednesday, May 12, 2010

on my good hair days

Hello , hello I know what you're all thinking, am I right? well, calm down with narcissism already. I just want to post some photos of me, behind my straight hair. hehehe!I am absolutely sure, I'm not the one who wanted to grab a camera immediately when experiencing a good hair day..

Anyway, I'm not posting a photo because I have a new hair or so but I'm posting because I'm revealing about something that has fundamentally change my life, or I should say the life of my hair lol.!

First of all, I have a curly hair and  like every woman, who are complicated. Admit it or not we are complicated, (smile). I like some changes with my hair. From curly hair to a straight hair. And to tell you the truth,  I'm not happy with my curly hair. When I was in the Philippines, I used to go to the salon for hair straightening. But when I came here it was all gone. Thinking the conversion of money , I found it very expensive.(thrift aside)

However, with the help of blow dry and a hair flat iron I can do what I want for my hair. I can make my own style without any hassle at all. If I want to go out , I don't need to go to the salon and pay for almost 15$ just to straight it temporarily. They used only blow drier to straighten my hair. To save up some money, I bought a small-ish flat iron. Quiet expensive but its very useful and I can have it for a lifetime as long I know how to take care and to use it.

Whew! I love it, I can't be as pretty as these without my flat-iron. Hurray! Modesty aside, I felt so good when I pampered myself like these.


Karen Chayne said...

Wow! kahit anong hairstyle mo sis bagay na bagay pa rin sayo... ;-)

Carmen Araneta said...

You look pretty with straight hair. Ako, I don't have the 'tiyaga' to use hair dryer, much less a flat iron. But go, girl. It looks good on you.

Dhemz said...

I really like the 3rd pic from the right side sis....bagay na bagay sa imo....mura ka ug artista...ehehehe!

Lady Patchy said...

ganda nung last 2 pics ,uso yan di ba?

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