High Heels - Todays Fashion Trends

People think that wearing this shoes is like meshugana (crazy). Sarah used to tell me "you are not practical wearing that shoes, I am sure you are not comfortable"

For some people wearing high heels is a torture. For some it is a symbol of elegance, sexyness. The reason why I love high heels because I feel sexy when I wear it. And I can use this nearly of anything and honestly it is comfortable to wear because of their very strong heels.

High heels are in variety of style; they are peep toes, stiletos, and louboudin.
You can worn these shoes for many occassion like socialising in a restaurant bar, formal events, such as work, meetings, party's and weddings or evern just walking to the supermarket. In every instance the high heels shoes respectively remains smart, sophisticated and elegant, as well as being the height of fashion and ultimately a sign of true class.
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Dhemz said…
love your shoes sis..so trendy!

hahaha..torture man jud woi...I think sa maanad lang!
tatess said…
ouch ,di ko kaya yan ,pang tsinelas lang ako.

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