It's time to Flesh, Girls Talk

hmmmm When I saw Niko's theme , It  reminded me when I was in the dead sea wearing  a daring 2 piece  bathing suits...LOL..In my life honestly , that was my first time to show off the world. I used to wear bathing suits but only 1 piece hehehe but because I want to bet the dare shots of some girls there so I did.. and you know that foreigner's,love our color brown,Here's my gutsy , fleshy shot ....


acmumcee said…
wow!!! as in wow!!! sistah... you're too sexy!!! kainggit! hehe..

Here's mine...
LingLing said…
Wow u look stunning!

All of us GT ladies deserve an award for being brave enough to post up these photos ;)

much love,

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