Sunday, March 21, 2010

happens for a reason...

Its funny how plan can change a sudden twist, one day you plan and arrange to makes things perfect,  the next day you're off on that plans that you never thought its possible to happen. This is how exactly happened when I heard the news last night from my fiancee that he cannot go home for a vacation, the reason the company he is working  knew that if he will get out in the Country he won't come back anymore. So, they gave him a memorandum to finish the contract until September and cannot have a vacation otherwise he have to pay for breaking the contract. I never thought its gonna happen like this,the planned was so perfect..

So sad and I am sorry for our self.. Everything was set and here it is.

1. We already hire a wedding planner to set and work out our wedding dream to be. We gave 25% down payment of the said services. 
2. I paid my plane ticket 3 months ago and he paid his ticket as well a week ago.
3. We arrange for my replacement here in my job (note: my leaving is for good to settle down)
4. We set the date of our Church and its gonna happen in May.
5. I shipped almost of my things after 7 years working here.
6. We booked our accommodation back home.
7. All our requirements for marriage license was all ready
8. I ordered wedding souvenirs and gonna send it on last week of April 
9. From the principal sponsor, reception, and entourage was set.
10. We were waiting forward to see each other in 2 weeks time.

It was also strange why I felt awkwardly all day yesterday, I thought something get wrong, but it never come up to my mind what happened. I cried but I have nothing to do about, I believe pershet. Everything happens for a reason. When I told it to my employer, they still want me to keep until I leave. And that would be perfect for me, I am always ready to go home but I rather stay to save money and going back home when it is necessary. On the other hand, my fiance will try to make it up, we will furnish the house we bought. By the time we will there, it will be a fully furnish house. That's sounds great for us.

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