Friday, August 21, 2009

My Astrology tells soooo


You have an energetic approach to life and a frank and direct approach to others. You can show a great deal of courage and a willingness to plunge into anything without too much hesitation. However, sometimes giving things a little thought before you rush headlong into action would be in order. Being so impulsive, you can also occasionally be blind to the needs and feelings of others.


You have a need for material security. This doesn't necessarily mean a materialistic attitude it's just that you need to have your financial affairs under control in order to feel secure. You'll more than likely have a strong sense of values, possibly inherited from your mother, and are faithful and steady in your emotions. However, once you make up your mind on an emotional issue, you rarely change it. Carried to extremes this can lead to possessiveness, and a stubborn refusal to change or go against your values, even if they are no longer relevant to your life.


You have powerful feelings, sympathy and compassion. Family matters will also be of paramount importance to you.


Your communications with others will be fiery, impulsive and at times rather impetuous. You'll pick up quickly on ideas and can express yourself energetically and forcefully, but perhaps too forcefully at times. Nevertheless, if this impulsiveness can be controlled, your mind will be sharp and penetrating with the ability to communicate directly with a minimum of waffle.

However, you may need to develop a more objective attitude towards your opinions. That's because you do occasionally have a tendency to identify too strongly with your own thoughts and ideas, regarding a challenge to them as a direct challenge to yourself.

Capacity for love

You have a loyal and steady approach to relationships. You'll want to feel stable and secure and will be happy to reciprocate these needs to your partner. Although at times you can appear quite reserved, this masks a deep and passionate nature. You can be strongly jealous of any situation or person that you feel is a threat to your emotional security.

Driving force

Your emotions will influence the more aggressive side of your character. Your feelings are easily hurt and because of this you may avoid openly expressing your own anger out of fear of causing emotional pain to other people.

However, at times, this will work to your detriment as keeping quiet about your inner feelings and grievances could cause inner tension, when a good healthy outburst may be the best way to get things off your chest and clear the air.

You are motivated mainly by what you feel and need a secure home base from which you can operate. With this part of your life secure, you have the emotional and physical strength to achieve whatever you set your heart on.

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