Wednesday, July 8, 2009

my collection of quotes

True Friends Are Gifts,n0t easily gained.Its ro0ts fr0m one's HEART & involves memories dat stay...Not for a m0ments,n0t for a day but 4Ever.

[Behind ur smiles,i knw der r sorr0ws;
Bhind ur laughters
i knw der r tears; but i want u 2 know that behind Y (",)U der 's always ME..gudnyt!

If u hide,I'll seek u
If ur lost,I'll search 4u
If u leave,I'll wait 4 u
If they take u away from me,I'll fight 4u,coz ur s0m1 special,my DEAR.
Thank you!

I wish one day,u'll miss me terribly that no matter how hard u l0ok 4 me u w0nt find me.Why? coz i want you 2 miss me the way im missing u right now! Takecare

Not all people who pass by ur life are meant 4u.S0me are 4 fun,others are 4 tears and most of them are just passing by...Me,passing by? N0, i'll stay as long as u want me,gud P.M!

Have a heart that never hardens,a temper that never rises,a touch that never hurts and a love that never dieas.G0D has all of this 4u...

As we live each day may we do our part 2 make 1 difference..2 touch 1 heart and through each day may it be our goal 2 encourage 1 mind and inspire 1 soul.

God said...Trials r not reasons 2 give up but a challenge 2 improve our lives.Its not an excuse 2 back out but an inspiration to move 4ward and grow.

F u nid a helpen hand il give u mine, F u want sum1 2 b with il guide through.And if by chance u have been busy & 4goten me dont wori id be the same as how uv meet me yesterday.

If friends were flowers,surely i wud not pick you! Id let u grow in d garden and cultivate u wid LOVE & CARE so i can kip u 4ever my friend.

Night is over,new morning is here! I greet u Good Morning and i hope that ur day will b filled w/God's Blessings!

Success is getting what u want, happiness is wanting wat u get,where der is no concern in d heart der comes no music from the SOUL.

Today i learned that what is valuable is not what i have in my life but who i have in my life...THANKS for being a part of it.

When a greeting is sent from a distance.U can hear d wishes,u cant see d smiles but u can sense the care that truly comes from the HEART!!!
Early 2 bed,early 2 rise makes a man healthy and wise..

Life is full of roads as we travel on.Some we try 2 4get and some we wish we never passed.But there's 1 road i dont regret passing its were we became FRIENDS..

A friend is a gift wen its new,its a miracle wen it is true but u know what?Its a blessing wen its YOU! God bless...

When u find a dream in ur heart,do not let it go.For dreams are tiny seeds from which beautiful tomorrows grow.Let G0D carry u thru.

When people look at us they say u have a pleasing personality,sweet disposition,& magical face.You know why? Bcoz as friends,what i have is yours.

Whenever life takes me,no matter wat path i take even if i meet new friends bear in mind u'l never loose ur place in my heart coz ders only 1 special friend in life.

It hurt to realize dat d people u thought u'd love 4 life dat love u as much u thought they did and can do w/o as if they never knew you at all.

When u came 2 b my friend i told myself dat ur so lucky 2 have me but u know what?Im luckier coz evry1 can have me but not evry1 gets the chance 2 have you.

S0meday u'l 4get d closeness we have, u'l 4get d joke we have shared,u'l mit some1 who can get along w/u more than i can but i hope that u'l never 4get me..friend

Time may stop,days mybe over,months may go,years may pass,world may END but 1 thing will surely remain we became friends.

It was unfair dat the world gave me so many reasons 2 hate but how can i hate such a wonderful world wen it give me a chance to know a wondrful person like you.

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