My First Adventure

I came here in Israel 6 years ago, everything was first....First country, language, people, work... and my first adventure...

Wasn't very easy for me,and most of the people didn't know how to speak English and I don't know how to speak their language either... Once I rode a taxi and the driver dropped me to the place which I didn't know. I told him "this is not the place" and driver replied me in sign language which means"he didn't understad what I meant to say" I cried :( what can I do??? I dont have enough money to ask for another taxi.. So, I walked on the street untill I found out the main street that familiar to me. It took me one hour walking before I saw the place where I supposed to go home....

Three months later, I started learning to speak basic Hebrew :):):) ...It helps me to communicate to people even it wasn't a corrent grammar. hehehe... Kahit ako mismo natatawa sa Hebrew ko minsan di ko nga maiintindihan...I ashamed of myself but honestly I am not interested more than they expect from me... But I tried my best to learn kasi sabi nila I have to learn. It's for my own benifits.... Now, I could speak and understand Hebrew but I cannot read.. I can understand and speak well rather than those English Jewish who lived the country more than 30 years,,,well, honestly they are old enough to learn the language. hehehe:):):)


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