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Is this real, or is this me???

My cousin told me last night that I’ve changed my whole aura completely, not what I was (a charming girl) but what I am now (not for the better)that was she say’s.
Ive noticed it a few months ago, and Ive been thinking a lot about it. I know that I consistently tend to over think things(secretly) and still this is one subject on my mind. maybe it has something to do with my age, my maturity stage.??? Do I really accepted it???
Being appreciated and admired is a wonderful feeling. The more people admire you ,the more you wanted to make changed.
I always wanted the same way as I am because its easy to be completely realbut there are moments that I am not being honest, I am not representing myself as accurately as I could, As accurately as I should. Maybe because the environment Im in. I have to level myself with the people I get along with.
Probably as I mentioned ealier , it has something to do with my age. Does it make sense?Not really, isn’t it? Everybody gets older.And one thing I am qu…

My First Adventure

I came here in Israel 6 years ago, everything was first....First country, language, people, work... and my first adventure...

Wasn't very easy for me,and most of the people didn't know how to speak English and I don't know how to speak their language either... Once I rode a taxi and the driver dropped me to the place which I didn't know. I told him "this is not the place" and driver replied me in sign language which means"he didn't understad what I meant to say" I cried :( what can I do??? I dont have enough money to ask for another taxi.. So, I walked on the street untill I found out the main street that familiar to me. It took me one hour walking before I saw the place where I supposed to go home....

Three months later, I started learning to speak basic Hebrew :):):) ...It helps me to communicate to people even it wasn't a corrent grammar. hehehe... Kahit ako mismo natatawa sa Hebrew ko minsan di ko nga maiintindihan...I ashamed of myself bu…

A piece of Something


Since i was in high school, i was fond of collecting quatation from books, magazine, articles or even vandals at walls, tables, and chairs. For me every line of those sentences contains truth that we realize. Like a puzzle it takes one time to put into pieces as one, until i came up with this whole picture of what those people are trying to say together. While i was walking, i stop for a while and thought of the things i dont have . Then, i realized that the happeist of all the people dont necessarily have the best of everything that comes along their way. Its true that we dont know what we've missing until it arrives. In the gateway of my heart, i put a sign that says "NO TRESSPASSING" but love came laughing and said " i enter everywhere, LOVE knows no reason,;LOVE knows no lies;LOVE defies all reason; LOVE has no eyes... its blind but can sees but it doesnt mind. LOVE is when you take the feeling, the passion, the romance and you fined out, you…