Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday Stealing : 28 Question Meme

Hello everyone Happy New Month and Happy Sunday to All.

Today Sunday Stealing is 28 Question Meme! Join me to this meme!

Cheers to all us thieves!

1. Was your dad named after anyone?
- I don't think so.

2. What do you think is the minimal age to get married?
- 25 years old

3. What’s the longest time that you‘ve been involved with the same person?
- 3 years

4. What actor/actress do you consider hot at the moment?
- Angelina Jolie

5. What is you favorite album by a band?

6. What is your favorite album by an individual artist?

7. What is something that you‘d rather be a bit dirty?

8. What was the last TV show that you watched?
-Oprah Winfrey Show

9. How many people have you met from the blogosphere? Who are they?
- Met in person? None of them, but I talk a few at instant messenger

10. What's your philosophy on life?
-To love and be love and return

11. Do you think prescription drugs are over prescribed?
- Maybe

12. Would you keep a secret from me if you thought it was in my best interest?
- Yes

13. What is your favorite memory in the last year?
- A lovely holiday vacation to the Dead Sea together with my cousin

14. What is your favorite guilty pleasure?
-Eating chocolates

15. Tell me one odd/interesting fact about you:
- Want to have sperm cell insemination, lol

16. You can have three wishes (for yourself, so forget all the 'world peace etc' malarky) - what are they?
- Happy family, good health, and travel around the world.

17. Who would you want to get together with and make a cake?
- My boyfriend

18. Which country is your spiritual home?
- Philippines

19. What is your big weakness?
-My family , specifically may parents!

20. Do you think Judd Corizan is a good person?
- I don't know her

21. What was your best/favorite subject at school?
-Science and history

22. Describe your accent:
-English accent,

23. If you could change anything about yourself, would you?
-Being too kind , because people will take advantage of me. I want to change that. hahaha

24. What do you wear to sleep?
-short and sleeveless

25. What is your favorite casual outfit to wear?
- Jeans and T-shirst

26. Do you use cigarettes or alcohol?
-Alocohol -rarely, Cigarettes - Never

27. If I only had one day to live, what would we do together? (If you have no idea, just say something crazy, it'll entertain me!)
-Climb the mountain , mesmerizing the happy memories

28. Rate the memes that you play generally. Use any scale or just in order.  
-  Ten


HOOTIN' ANNI said...

Mmmmmmmmm, to #14!!! ya baby. me too.

I am Harriet said...

I had to skip a few too.

Have a great Sunday!

Chuchie | Chie Wilks said...

i love your ur life philosophy sis..

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

This is a very interesting meme because you revealed so much about yourself. One thing intrigued me though. Why would you want be be artificially inseminated? Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

anne said...

I never climb a mountain before I wish I had though... Mine is up girl and its here thanks

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