Wednesday, August 4, 2010

On Wednesday Wickedness

Today we picked Chelsea Clinton

1. “I think with our problems with hopelessness and cynicism that [the solution] ultimately has to come from the young people themselves. We've got to realize we are the future and we make of our future what we make of it, and ultimately we have to do it for ourselves.” If you had a wish for your future, what would it be?
- Happy and contented life, nothing more,nothing less! That's all.

2. “We proved we could be safe and secure at home, and still have more allies and friends in the world.” Tell us about a couple of your closest friends.
- I have a few closet friends and they are the people I can turn to in time of trouble. Not just only for happy times. For better and for worse!

3. “I had seen people who had lost everything and everyone they loved to war, famine, and natural disasters.” What is the most that you have ever lost?
- Pamper from my parents because I didn't grew up with them.

4. “We grieve for the loss of life, ... I ask you to redouble your resolve and help your neighbors.” What was the last thing that you have done to help a neighbor?
- I think gave her food to eat because her previous elderly employer threw her out in the room and didn't give her anything to eat.

5. “I think they were interested in it.” What have you done to help someone because of a shared interest?
- I let her borrowed my money so that we can go together to the place we wanted to visit.

6. “How we use these surpluses in this moment of prosperity will determine America's future for decades to come. Nothing will more surely determine it than making the right choices…” What do you think the priorities of the United States really should be?
-Unemployment and Health Insurance I supposed

7. “For all the tornadoes Arkansas has, and the ones that have hit around Little Rock, we never had one just basically come down Main Street.” What was the last severe weather situation that you and your neighbors endured?

8. “I had seen people who had lost everything and everyone they loved to war, famine, and natural disasters.” Who among the folks you consider family or friends has lost the most?
-My best friend, she lost her parents at young age but now she gone too far. If her parents are still alive, they will be proud of her.

9. “I Do.” If you’ve been married what you’re your thoughts when you said that? Or if not, what would you hope them to be?”
-To love and be love in return. For better and for worse, till death do us part!

10. "I'm a big health-food freak and a vegetarian devotee." Have you or are you a vegetarian? Thoughts?
-I'm not vegetarian but I prefer fish than meat.

Happy Wednesday :


Gee said...

great answers!
Happy Wednesday Wickedness Day

I am Harriet said...

I love fish!

Have a great Wednesday!

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