Learn How to Cope with your Anger

Listening the moaning every minute of the day makes me sick, and tired. In fact, she is absolutely stubborn old woman that irritates me. She drove me mad this morning to do things that can affect her conditions made me so impatient and hot tempered that leads to argument.  I cannot control my emotions  and  did say something to her that I regret and feel ashamed.  I forgot who I was dealing with at that moment. However, I don't want to be blame by her children,  God forbid, what will happen to her. I did the right thing but I got hurt with my action and ruined my day.

I'm a person with a lot of patience but I realized, the older I am, without exaggeration I become so impatient, get irritated so easily and get angry quickly. Sometimes I cannot control and managed it. I keep going on and on.
Angry man

Learn how you can cope with your anger in a healthy and constructive way from Dr. Stephanie Sarkis, a National Certified Councilor base in Raton, Florida and an eHow contributor.

1. Realize that anger is a normal human emotion. It is neither good nor bad - it just is. It is what you do with your anger that counts. Once you take away the idea that anger is "bad", it can be much easier to deal with it.

2. Know your body's reactions to anger. When you get angry, does your heart start racing? Do you start to sweat? Does it feel like you might explode? Do you even get so angry that you don't remember what you've said and done until it's all over? The first step towards coping with your anger is knowing when it is coming. That way you can take steps to calm yourself down before your anger gets out of control. It is especially helpful to know your body's signals if you have the type of anger where you go from calm to angry in a matter of seconds.

3. Know your triggers. Are their things that people say or do that really get your blood boiling? Know what these triggers are. Remember, that no matter what someone says or does, you are still responsible for your actions.

4. Look at what you are really angry at, or what you are really feeling. Are you really afraid or scared, and your anger is covering it up? Sometimes it can be easier to be angry than have to dig deep and look at what is scaring us. Are you really angry at your boss, or are you angry about what you feel is a loss of control over your life? Sometimes discovering the real reason for your anger can do a lot to abate it.

5. If your anger has hurt someone or offended them, apologize. You don't need to get into a long talk about your feelings and your issues with anger. Just tell the person that you acted inappropriately and that you are sorry.

6. Learn "time-out" techniques. If you know your body's signals for anger, take a step back as soon as you start feeling that "anger itch". Physically remove yourself from the situation. Take a walk outside. (It is not recommended that you drive off in your car, as anger can increase the chances of reckless driving.)

7. Get outside help. If your anger has gotten to the point where it is affecting your health, your relationships, or if you "black out" because you get so angry, seek the help of a professional. There are counselors that specialize in anger issues. Remember, getting help is a sign of strength, not of weakness.


Anger is bad except for righteous indignation. Anger clouds our decision making and can sometimes result in disastrous consequences if not checked in time. It is best to pray when we feel anger creeping up on us. This will diffuse the creeping emotion. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.
shydub said…
Interesting post sis, This is very helpful for me na very impulssiveand if galit galit talaga.
charmie said…
Hi Kuya Mel, thanks for the visit and for your grateful advice.God Bless!

Sis Shy, pares pala tayo, pag magalit na galit na talga at di na mapigilan! Thanks for your visit sis!:)
CaptainRunner said…
"No matter what someone says or does, you are still responsible for your actions" ~ Agree to this, 100%

"Getting help is a sign of strength, not of weakness." ~ Same here. Most people think that it is a sign of weakness.
your blog has not so much images but....I LOVE YOUR TEXTS

Thanks for your comment

I travel a lot and only when I come back home I can visit the blogs
nice day

Vernz said…
mangulata ko kung suku ...waaaa.. bitaw joke...

ago ko Charm...
sandy said…
Controling one's temper takes practice. It's worth it though; generally when one losing their temper nothing good happens.
Dhemz said…
agoy na feel nako ang imong pagka irita sis...sos lisod man jud ning mga tigulang na woi...badlungong...ehehehhe....:)

just relax sis kay maka disbeauty raba ning maulit ta...ehehehe...joke!
PMS dagway na sis. Ako bitaw, sus dali ra sapoton basta duol na akong period. Also, I agree with sir Mel, pray sis. That will help you release those bad emotions if you talk it all to God. God will give you wisdom. God bless! BTW, I'm inviting you to join my blog anniv giveaway.
dapat may kontrol tayo sa ating emosyon,hehe..
Haddock said…
Harbouring anger only hurts you more.
Thanks for sharing this post it really helps :)
vishal kumar said…
Interesting post sis, This is very helpful for me na very impulssiveand if galit galit talaga. so I like your blog.
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