A Teacher's Link Exchange Project

A Teachers Link Exchange Project of Ate Vernz is the answer to our problems especially to those bloggers whose been working with multiple blogs like me and also to those who have just launched thier blogs too. The project is the easiet way to link from one blog to another. I love this fantastic idea of Ate Vernz.

So if your interested to be part of these project click the badge above or join here.


Sobrang dami na nang mga links, nagsasalabat salabat na na parang telephone and cable wires, lol. Anyway, maganda yan para magkaroon nang backlinks sa mga blogs natin. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.
Anne said…
oi gi invite sad ko ni vernz ani sis, ako pa studyuhan hahaha... naunsa ba ning bc sa paningkakay hahaha...tnx for d post sis naa nasad ko idea.. mangopya diay haha!
Vernz said…
Hi Charm ... salamat ani dear... if I hit the target before the 25 I will end it sooner than scheduled.. hehehe..

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