Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I Love Your Blog Award

I'm very glad and happy to received this " I Love Your Blog Award" given by  Tatess of Blog and Me. Thank you so much sis!

And as for the rules I have to pass this award to my 15 top commentators and since my widget hasn't work yet I used yahoo pipes to check who are my 15 commentators. I pass this award to them

1. Tatess - sis, I give it back to you ^-^ you are my top commentator too.
2. Dhemnz
3. Niko
4. Mel Avilla Arilla
5. Carmen Araneta
6. Ate Vernz
7. Anne
8. Kayce
9. Sherry
10. Nuts
11. Chubskulit
12. Lizeewong
13. Bambie 
14. Chris
15. Genefaith

Thank you lovely friends and blogger for visiting my site. Have a nice day!


Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Congratulation on your newest award which is the I Love You Blog Award. You deserve the award and the countless more you will receive in the future. Thank you so much for conferring on me that award but I pass it on to my Lord and savior Jesus Christ for whom I blog. TO GOD BE THE GLORY. Thanks again. God bless you always.

Dhemz said...

alleluia...ehhehehe!thanks for including me sweet of yah!....mwah....:)

Kayce said...

Thanks so much for this lovely blog award. I really do appreciate it. Take care and God bless!

bujju said...

nice to know you
alternative medicine

Vernz said...

post na nako charm ...

Sherry said...

thank you sis, doing this now.

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