Saturday, May 15, 2010

on thoughtful presents

Sara's daughter Anne and her son in-law  just got back from London, Thursday night and right away Anne came up to see her mother. They lived two floor from us. And every time they came back from holiday, Anne always bought something for me.  They even paid my swimming lesson last year. I can say that I am lucky to have them. They treated me, not only as a carer but a family. And I appreciated so much their kindness and generosity. They give and they didn't expect anything in return. Unfortunately, behind of who they are. I  felt sorry that they cannot bear a child. And I don't know why they didn't adopt considering they founded charitable organization for Ethiopian children.  If God give them a chance to have a  child , they will be a wonderful parents. In fact both of them adores and love children.

This time Anne bought me a little gift pink box from No7. She know that I love makes up. Sometimes, I never expect that she'll bring something for me specially if it is a short visit. But even so, I always have.

The lovely pinks box from No7 contains Protect & Perfect hand cream, Extreme Length Mascara, Protect & Perfect Intense, Protect & Perfect eye cream, Amazing Eyes Pencil and Two eye Shadows which is a perfect color for me.

I was very happy to receive this presents. Its not because I was expecting it, its because they are very thoughtful and sweet. To think about me every time is very flattering. And honestly, they spoil me with good things. I am afraid I get used to it....

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