Saturday, June 27, 2009

What a Shabbat Shalom Means

I just want to explain about what shabbat shalom means .

peaceful Hebrew, a wish before and during the Saturday,

SHALOM=peace and general greeting for all time.

Shabbath=Saturday, the seventh day of the week for the Jewish calendar. A day off--free day beginning on Friday at sundown and ending on Saturday evening when the three stars appear in the sky and can be viewed together.

friday night

hey, i just got up from my bed thinking about what had happen last night hehehehe.. i'm out from prison lol...It was a lovely evening with my cousin ROz and Sarah (employer) . I made a shabath dinner, with gaspacho soup, grilled chicken with roast patatoe and sweet potatoe, beens and peas as out side dishes. We had a apple pie dessert, a fruit salad and an ice cream hehehe, yummy!!! wala lang akong picture for those meal. after that we went for a walk along the beach. the breeze and the smell of the sea water was very nice.. oh , it was a wonderful evening even i'm very far from my family(parents). I wish that my boyfriend was here last night. hayyyyyyyy, ang layo din niya.

Friday, June 26, 2009

The Stone

This is the stone where the body of Jesus laid. If you wiped the stone, a lovely smell of the holy water remains in your handkerchief.

This is the first image you could see when you enter the Church of Sepulcher. There are places inside the church which is very holy and we are not allowed to take some photograph.

Hello I'm Back

Hello my dear readers and fellow bloggers. How you doin' guys? It's been a long time that I haven't visited here or give a chanc...