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A new shop name ISADORA

After 6 years of working here, I always worried about going back home. Worried that I couldn't get any job, worried that I don't have enough savings for myself, worried about how could I help my parents, my brothers, and my sister. I know it's not my obligation but I cannot bear not to help them.

After the death of my former employer , I accepted it but I was afraid of my situation because I could be an illegal worker. The thought of being an illegal worker frighthened me so much, I never dream working illegaly. But I don't have a choice if I want to save money before I'm going back home. Luckily, I found a very nice employer who's willing to take a risk even they have a permit to employ a legal worker.

Working with Sarah for 6 months I learned a lot from her about life. word of wisdom, a few Yeddish word. I knew how her parents started a business. How she lived a happy life with her husband. How her parents worked hard to improve the business.
When her husban…